Saturday, August 07, 2010

Lovecraft Almost Dies: In Context

We place the near-death by measles of HPL at the latter half of january 1910. There was a reason - Providence was beseiged by the epidemic. 31.9 out of 100,000 died.

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Bulletin, Issue 109 By United States. Bureau of the Census

Measles was returned as the cause of 6,598 deaths in the registration area during 1910 a much larger number than in the preceding year 4,860 The death rate for 1910 was 12.3 per 100,000 population which is higher than for any year since 1900 12.5 Of the registration states in 1910 Rhode Island and North Carolina municipalities of 1,000 population or over in 1900 had the highest death rates 32.6 and 27.1 respectively High death rates were shown for the following registration cities of 100,000 population or over Pittsburgh Pa 33.1 Providence RI 31.9 Kansas City Mo 28.4 Lowell Mass 28.1 Albany N У 23.9 Columbus Ohio 23.6 Buffalo NY 22.1 and Richmond Va 21.1 Although the total mortality from measles is not so great as to make the disease appear especially formidable it is probably true that many deaths assigned to other causes are due to the unfortunate consequences of this disease For example a considerable proportion of the deaths from pneumonia especially those attributed to broncho pneumonia are in reality the result of measles and it has long been a matter of popular belief that tuberculosis results frequently from measles although of course the former is a separate infection In view of the frequency of cases in which measles is followed by some more serious disease it is very important that efforts should be made to check the epidemic prevalence of this disease

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