Friday, August 06, 2010

Chrispy Update

What has Chrispy been doing this week?

Time traveling.

I've been reading a great deal of mid- and late 19th cnetury documents about the Phillips' (i.e. Lovecraft) family and their acquaintances. It is an odd experience. I spend nights in the post-Civil War, Gilded era and come out in the day time to the 21st century.

I've done what i could to assemble a huge Lovecraft library - $$ !! - and for the last several years have been blessed learning other Lovecraft things through friends, and Lovecraft-oriented associates. Yet, each week I find things that have not been mentioned in fanzines, books, or elsewhere. It is an exciting time for Chrispy!

Whether you are interested in historical issues, Mythos, horror fiction, comics, or just a casual reader - I hope that you will find something of interest each posting. And remember you can always do a serach for your favorite topic using the search feature in the side bar, or look through the metatag index. If there is something I haven't yet covered, drop me an email.

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