Sunday, August 10, 2008

Joanna Russ' Contribution to The Cthulhu/Lovecraft Mythos

My Boat written by Joanna Russ
Published in Fantasy And Science Fiction Magazine of New York, volume 50, number 1, January 1976.

I'd forgotten about this one until I saw the ebay auction for it.

I collected a few on-line comments about her story, which subsequently appeared in Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos.

"Joanna Russ' fine tale from the pages of F&SF"
"The perspectives on Lovecraft's works are amazing in their diversity - Joanna Russ's "My Bost" is particularly different and beautiful"
"Science fiction is, supposedly, always looking to the future, yet much of it has a curious nostalgic streak. In stories such as Joanna Russ's "My Boat" (1976) or Harlan Ellison's "Jeffty is Five" (1977), authors pine, not simply for yesteryear, but for the science fiction, fantasy, and adventure stories of yesteryear, for the adventure stories they innocently enjoyed as kids before they, and science fiction, grew up. "

Feel free to comment on Ms. Russ' story below.

I have a hard time choking this out, since I was already in college in 1976, but alas 1976 is now "antiquarian". (32 years ago!).

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, yes. This is probably my favorite mythos story not written by Lovecraft.

I am still having trouble wrapping my brain around the fact that she's gone.


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