Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hannes Bok (1960) Letter

The ebay seller (epegana) details this letter: "Dear JEV" - Signed original Letter from Hannes Bok to "JEV" (John E. Vetter) with original illustration Typed letter dated "11/16/61" from "Weird Tales" - Arkham House artist, Hannes Bok to collector John Vetter. I would loved to have known Hannes Bok - he was not only one of the finest artists ever to grace the pages of the pulp magazines, but a humorous, clever, fun-loving and knowledgeable writer, conversationalist and correspondent as evidenced in this letter."I'd rather have liked to start out with, "Chamber of the Ugsome Gugglies, Hour of the Purple Swordfish, Year of the Ten Pickled Viffenriggles", but I'm no good at it - "It's a wonderful chatty fun letter with lots of Lovecraft content from a great artist to a noted collector - just read it! Sweet drawing in ink of his favorite subject (CATS!) and nice signature!
Includes note about Cats of Ulthar - CP.

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