Friday, August 22, 2008

Another Lovecraft Postcard to Charles Hornig Surfaces (Part Two)

While the seller described the obverse of the postcard, it's image was not shown at auction. Chrispy was able to find another card of very similar description, and perhaps the same image. It shows the same buildings around the same time of the 1930's.
In addition, this appears to be the text of the postcard:

Trust the article will reach you safely, & that you'll find it interesting. Let us know if any of the interpolated paragraphs on the margin are hard to decipher. I'll be glad to give the proofs a reading when the five comes, if that would be conveninet to you.
Shall be very glad to see second issue.
Just read the first issue of Astounding. Not so bad for pulp stuff. but essentially mediocre from a literary point of view.
Best Wishes -

The postcard header reads:

Faneuil Hall, known as the "Cradle of Liberty," was the focus of Revolutionary movemnet in Boston and the colonies. In the background is the tower of the Customs House, the tallest building in Boston.

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