Saturday, August 02, 2008

Barlow & Lovecraft Corrected Typescript

{1 December 1934 in a letter this brief, tantalizing remark is listed: ...shall be interested to learn more about "The Summons". O Fortunate Floridian, p. 192. - CP)

The auctioneer states the following: (Lovecraft, Howard Phillips) Barlow, Robert H[ayward]. "SUMMONS, THE" [short story]. TYPED MANUSCRIPT with extensive autograph corrections by both Barlow and Lovecraft, on seven leaves, three of which are holograph. Incomplete text comprising folios 7-8, 11-15. "The Summons," written circa 1934, was published in THE CALIFORNIAN (Fall 1935, volume 3, number 2) and reprinted in EYES OF THE GOD: THE WEIRD FICTION AND POETRY OF R. H. BARLOW (2002). It obviously is derivative of Lovecraft and the WEIRD TALES school, but more impressionistic, its vagueness softening whatever impact its imagery might have had. Barlow's large sprawling hand contrasts vividly with Lovecraft's compact and rapid script (which, contrary to his own disparaging remarks, is neither minute nor indecipherable). Most of the edits are in Lovecraft's hand, including the wholesale rewriting of several sentences and paragraphs. Very good. Provenance: Barlow / Derleth Papers. (#114493) $1500.00

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Magister said...

VERY interesting! :-D
I wonder whether lovecraft's part in the story is enough to make it an official revision?


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