Friday, August 15, 2008

Andrew Lang

I've looked many places, but I haven't crossed paths with Andrew Lang's translation of Arabian Nights that so fascinated Lovecraft.

I did just see this illustration for the first time today. "Violet Fairy Book" 1901.


Magister said...

Actually, it can't have been Lang's translation that fascinated Lovecraft, since he clearly states that he read the Arabian Nights when he was five, and Lang's book appeared in 1898. Joshi's conjecture is that Lovecraft read an edition translated by Edward William Lane (H. P. Lovecraft: A Life p. 19).


Chris Perridas said...


Thanks for clearing up my (long time) error and the reference. It's been a while since I read Joshi, and Lang stuck in my mind. Interesting that it happened to me, as well as Lovecraft.

For everyone else:

On p. 18-19 Lovecraft is quoted as having read Lang's version in his letter to REH of 16 Jan 1932. This would have been about 37 years after the fact. Lovecraft received an (new?) 1898 copy from his mother which he still had in his library when he passed.

Edward Lane and Andrew Lang could have been fused together in his memory since they are very similar sounding.


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