Thursday, June 05, 2008

Rare Autographed Item In Lovecraft's Handwriting.

The seller costermongerstu (which is likely Stuart David Schiff) states this:

Howard Philips Lovecraft (H.P. Lovecraft) was noted for his horror fiction but also was quite adept at poetry. Most of the his poems were not horror-fantasy, but his FUNGI FROM YUGGOTH cycle was (and is his most famous poetry). Here is the RARE chance to obtain a handwritten manuscript of one of the FUNGI sonnets that is SIGNED by Lovecraft. While his letters are expensive (and very few contain such as this), to find a separate and SIGNED Lovecraft manuscript is a major coup. Penned on a half sheet (3 1/2" x 5 1/2"), the paper has held up well over the past seventy-plus years. There is a mailing fold (evident in the second photograph) that has been pretty much pressed out over years of storage. Some foxing is present. All in all, this is a prime treasure and a lucky bit of survival. Having once owned all of Robert Bloch's Lovecraft letters, I can assure the authenticity of this piece.

Price listed at approximately $1600-2000.

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