Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Centipede Press' Artists Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft

None other than Larry Roberts (Horror Mall & Bloodletting Press) says: This is the biggest book I've ever seen. It came traycase rather than slipcased and is 17 pounds!!! An awesome production indeed by Centipede Press.

Not everyone can afford this one (at about $375.00) but if you do it will be the book of a lifetime. More details here.

Another poster (Brian Cartwright) says: TWO bound in markers, beautiful cloth ... the most meticulously color corrected collection of dark the world has ever seen or is likely to see again. Jerad told me that dozens of the images required hundreds of layers to insure to perfect color matching.

The publisher declares: 400 pages, four color, sewn with cloth covers, enclosed in a cloth covered slipcase. Front cover image, black embossing, two ribbon markers, fold-outs, detail views. This huge tome features over forty artists including JK Potter, HR Giger, Raymond Bayless, Ian Miller, Virgil Finlay, Lee Brown Coye, Rowena Morrill, Bob Eggleton, Allen Koszowski, Mike Mignola, Howard V. Brown, Michael Whelan, Tim White, John Coulthart, John Holmes, Harry O. Morris, Murray Tinkelman, Gabriel, Don Punchatz, Helmut Wenske, John Stewart, and dozens of others. The field has never seen an art book like this -- indeed, it is an art anthology unlike anything ever published before. Many of these works have never before seen publication. Many are printed as special multi-page fold-outs, and several have detail views. The book is filled with four color artwork throughout, all of it printed full page on rich black backgrounds. A special thumbnail gallery allows you to overview the entire contents of this 400-page book at a glance, with notations on artist, work title, publication information, size, and location, when known. H.P. Lovecraft fans will simply have to have this book. Because of its sheer size and scope, this book will never be reprinted and will sell out very quickly. Twenty years down the road people will be paying huge prices for this book because of its scope and the quality of reproductions. This is the H.P. Lovecraft fan's dream come true.

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