Monday, June 09, 2008

1923 Conservative (with Samuel Loveman poem)

1923 was a pivotal year for Lovecraft. While 1914 might have been his beginning with Amateur Journalism, the eyars of 1923 & 1924 became his path to stardom. He visited C M Eddy, learned of Weird Tales, soon quickly married Sonia, and Henneberger, Baird, and Houdiini all learned of him. The Brooklyn group virtually kidnapped Lovecraft in New York and he - once and for all - became annointed as the NEW POE.

(epegana) THE CONSERVATIVE, March, 1923 Howard Phillips Lovecraft was discovered by Amateur Journalism wherein he honed his tools that would serve him in his breakthrough into professional publication with "Weird Tales" magazine. Lovecraft was so caught up with AJ's that he published his own paper; his "Conservative" was one of the most respected papers in Amateur history.This issue features an article by Frank Belknap Long entitled "An Amateur Humorist"; Lovecraft in turn criticizes the highly lauded T. S. Eliot poem "The Waste Land", or as HPL remarked "....disjointed and incoherent ...a practically meaningless collection of phrases, learned allusions, quotations, slang, and scraps...offered to the public as something justified by our modern mind with its own chaotic triviality and disorganisation..." - HPL.

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