Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Lovecraft Comic Coming Soon

The team:

Mac Carter’s first foray into directing involved an elaborate hand-animation of a runaway meatball. You haven’t heard of that effort; Mac was 11 years-old. A couple decades later, his subject matter has changed (kind of) but his adventuresome spirit and devotion to craft has not.

Tony Salmons is an underground artist, it turns out. He’s drawn commercial comics but only to critical note. These have been few and far between with most of his professional work on storyboard for film/TV. For the record, he objects categorically to the appellation, “artist’s artist,” like a roadhouse theater troop regards overripe produce.

Adam Byrne is a an enigma wrapped in a fish taco. He's still trying to figure out if he wants to be a comic book artist.

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