Friday, June 06, 2008

Gary Braunbeck's In Silent Graves

Lovecraft allusion. In the Leisure edition of April 2004, page 227=228,

"You see not all the angels are these ethereal white-robed, wondrous, golden-winged refugees from a beauty contest ... oh, no. Mnay of them - and I'm talking about those that sit by God's side and have his favor and love and respect and are the first to get tickets for the WWF Summer Slam - the good guys, capiche? A lot of them are so hideous in their appearance that they make Lovecraft's Great Old Ones look like Playboy centerfolds. We're talkin' class-A uggos here, tentacles and dripping teeth and putrescent flesh all dark and oily with larval eruptions that drip phosphorescent goo. All clear on that? Good."

Gary Braunbeck, In Silent Graves, Leisure, April 2004, isbn 0-8439-5329-2

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