Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cthulhu Jewelry?

Dave Goudsward found these octopus jewlery pieces made of real octopus. (I'd guess made by the lost wax process). And don't forget to checkout and buy Dave's books. (click here). - - And join the Google Group for more information that doesn't always make it to the blog.

These and other items can be found by clicking here.

The jeweler states (information unconfirmed):

The Octopus is a symbol of Transformation and Regeneration. Because of its reputation of changing colors to match its backgrounds, the octopus is also known as the Master of Disguise. Octopuses also have the power to regenerate. If an octopus loses an arm in battle it can grow a new one. Some can even detach and arm to distract predators and then grow another! Don't mess with the octopus because they can stun or kill you with one poisonous bite. The poison is called tetrodotoxin which is the same as Fugu, the puffer fish served in Japan. So treat your Octopus with Love! (o)(o)(o) (suction sound) - OctopusME!

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