Monday, May 12, 2008

Winfield Scott Townley Annecdote

Scott, Winfield Townley. TYPED LETTER SIGNED, dated 17 April 1944, to "Dear Mr [Samuel] Loveman, 1 page on letterhead of The Providence Journal / The Evening Bulletin. Forwards his article, "The Case of Howard Phillips Lovecraft of Providence, R. I," published in THE PROVIDENCE SUNDAY JOURNAL, 26 December 1943, "hoping it may have some interest for you... I don't want to be a nuisance, but if you should feel inclined to write me about HPL I should be very grateful indeed. -- I don't plan a book on him, but I do hope eventually to do a much more substantial article, both as biography and criticism, than this 'preliminary' piece enclosed." Scott notes that he has "been able to pick up a good deal of fact and impression about HPL, but I know little about his marriage to Sonia Greene and the New York episode. Do you know what ever became of her: where she is now? etc?" Loveman did correspond with Scott and Sonia Green did too. In addition to the full folio sheet (folded) of the issue of the paper printing Scott's 26 December article, there is a clipping of Sonia H. Greene's memoir, "Howard Phillips Lovecraft as His Wife Remembers Him," published in a version heavily edited by Scott, in THE PROVIDENCE JOURNAL, 22 August 1948. Scott went on to write "His Own Most Fantastic Creation," the first important biographical study of Lovecraft, and one that still retains considerable value today." - Joshi, H. P. Lovecraft: A Life, p. 635. Light horizontal fold, else fine. (#108223) Price: $150.00


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Hi CP! At long last i actually needed some information about HPL and knew exactly where to come! Congrats on the amazing success of this blog! Best regards

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