Thursday, May 08, 2008

Extremely Rare 1946 Lovecraft 1st Spanish Book

Carlos Abraham has been kind wnough to show our blog readers this antiquarian treasure. Carlos is a scholar and researcher trying to track down the earliest Robert E Howard and H P Lovecraft books translated into Spanish. A noble endeavor and we wish him well. If you have any help, I think the best way to contact him right now is to go to the antiquarian thread on the Horror Mall and post.

He has many Conan Spanish covers already posted at the antiquarian thread (which is over a 1,000 posts strong with hundreds and hundreds of antiquarian images, stories, and anecdotes.)

Carlos tell us: This is the cover of the (so far as I know) the first translation of Lovecraft in book form: "El que acecha en el umbral" (The Lurker at the Threshold"). Buenos Aires, Editorial Molino, 1946, 223 pages.

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