Friday, May 09, 2008

Artwork by Michelle Souliere

Michelle of Strange Maine (click here) is creating new art. If you're in Maine, you need to stop by and see her work.
She shares with us:
I'm working on pieces for an upcoming show of "non-traditional lighthouse art" for the same folks that hosted the Japanese Monster art show I did earlier this year. I just finished the first piece, and lo and behold, if it isn't Lovecraft related! I'm calling it "DAGON: We'll Leave a Light On."

The design is closely based on an old metal plaque from around 200 AD that supposedly depicts the Pharos of Alexandria, once deemed one of the Seven Wonders (from what I can tell). The Pharos of Alexandria is one of the earliest lighthouses on record, and certainly the most remarkable. Built around 300BC (if I recall correctly), it lit the waters around Alexandria from the island Pharos in the mouth of the Nile for 1000 years (!!!), and stood for another 500 before an earthquake felled it. It was reported to be 500 feet tall.

My design, of course, takes a bit of a tangential approach, and plants the piece in the netherworlds of HPL's imaginings , but ooohhh, how ominous and delicious!

Hope you enjoy.

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