Sunday, May 04, 2008

True Annecdote about Lee Brown Coye.

Some of you may want to reconsider and JOIN the Lovecraft Google Group. There are interesting sideline discussions that I really can't condense and reproduce here. Here's a terrific story from George (a great fan of Lovecraft) that he heard from an eyewitness and associate of Lee Brown Coye.


Back around this same period, the mid-1940s, Coye's studio burned, destroying all his canvases. But Coye had the entire contents fully insured.

For the next two or three years Coye "sort of danced around the streets" of Skaneteles, with money to, ah, burn.

This made the insurance company suspicious, so it questioned Coye's friends and neighbors.

"No, no, no," the insurers were assured. "Lee's a good and honest guy. The fire was entirely accidental. But you have to understand that Lee's a COMMERCIAL artist. He painted all those canvases to SELL. Your company merely BOUGHT everything he had, all at once, at HIS prices, and that's what you AGREED to do when Lee took out the policy."


Thanks, George!

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