Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Vagrant 1919

From the seller (epegana):

THE VAGRANT - December, 1919

Published by W. Paul CookW. Paul Cook was one of the most influential individuals in Howard Phillips Lovecraft's life. Early on Paul Cook recognized Lovecraft's writing abilities and published some of his finest poetry & early fictions (Cook was not overly fond of HPL's poetry, but enthusiastically printed his fiction writing) in his excellent Amateur 'Zine - "THE VAGRANT" .This issue of "THE VAGRANT" contains one of Lovecraft's better poems - "The Nightmare Lake" which later was reprinted in the Arkham House book, COLLECTED POEMS.This copy is complete including the string-tie but lacking the rear cover. These early "VAGRANT's are rare as only enough were printed to satisfy the Amateur Journal Association membership.

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