Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Lovecraft's Legacy: Fantastic Novels 1951

Fantastic Novels Magazine, Jan. 1951, Vol. 4, No. 5 was published bi-monthly by New Publications, Inc. Cover by De Soto.

Inside illustrations by Finlay, Bok, and Lawrence. // Book-Length Novel: Drink We Deep by Arthur Leo Zagat. Beneath the timeless rocks of the Heldebergs-slumbering below Lake Wanooka’s unfathomed waters-lies the seed of earth conflict. For there lives the strange and troubled race of other worldings, waiting, always waiting, for the hour of deliverance…And on the earth’s surface, one man feels in his blood an irresistible summons that calls him to their side…
Copyright 1937 by Popular Publications, Inc.

Short Story: The Cats Of Ulthar by H. P. Lovecraft. Who was to know the depths of their pride, or guess from their quiet mien that they were bred from ancient Egypt’s fierce godhead-and had not forgotten the taste of sacrificial blood?
Copyright 1926, by Popular Fiction Publishing Company, Copyright 1939, 1947 by August Derleth and Donald Wahdrel. Published by permission of Arkham House.

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