Thursday, August 09, 2007

John Rowlands: World Explorer

I kid you not. My colleague and fellow writer has been to many continents, inside caves, volcanoes, and through jungles. This past weekend he visited Haverhill, MA and has sent to you (through me) some great Lovecraftian pictures.

As soon as he gets settled from yet another trip, I'm going to beg a boon and have him guest blog about his New England mini-adventure.

To start, however, here is a tease.

Cemetery in Haverhill, MA. (c) 2007 John Rowlands, used by permission.


Mark K said...

Nice shot. Does John have a gallery online?

Anonymous said...

Visigoth, I do not have an online gallery. However here is a link to some of my travel stories. Look at the Costa Rica and Tikal stories. Both are illustrated with my pictures. Next month I have a Macchu Pichu Peru story with great shots.

Or go to and look at the indepth articles.

You probably have to cut an paste into your browser.


Mark K said...

Thank you John. Heading over to that site now.


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