Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lovecraft Letter Mentioning "Frankenstein" (1935)

{Unfortunately, the image is now gone. -CP}

SUPER COOL AND SUPER RARE - This is a handwritten and signed letter from H. P. Lovecraft to Forrest Ackerman (Literary agent for Lovecraft, L. Ron Hubbard, Ray Bradbury and Ed Wood among others) written in 1935 with Lovecraft's return address in Providence, Rhode Island on it.
This is fantastic prose written by a world famous author of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. Mentions "Frankenstein", "The Ghoul", and "Mad Love", the letter is filled with nomenclature that only Lovecraft could produce. Here is some of the opening text - "surely this pleasant chap looks as if he had but recently wiggled forth from an accursed tomb and were prepared to wreck upon mankind any travesty of evil from mere vampirism to cosmos blasting invocation of the ultimate black powers of horror!"
This letter was written less than two years before Lovecraft's death.
He ends the letter with:
"With the season's best wishes and trusting that your New Year may be replete with startling messages from the trans-galactic ether, I am yours most cordially. H. P. Lovecraft"
The signature is full and clear.
This is an incredible and VERY RARE 1935 collectable for any true Lovecraft fan.

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