Thursday, August 16, 2007

Haverhill, MA Part 8 (John Rowlands)

(c) 2007, John Rowlands: 408 Groveland Street

When John called me and told me he was on the road to travel through Haverhill, I looked on google maps and saw that 408 Groveland Street was still standing in some form.

Lovecraft wrote (1) in July 1921: ...408 Groveland Street still remains a terra incognita to most amateurs ... flanked by fertile flower and vegetable gardens, and blessed with a background of mystical faun-peopled woods dear to the editor's heart, stands the pleasant cottage numbered 408 Groveland St. In the rear .. is the Holy of Holies - Tryout office. Here, within walls made colourful by pictures, stamps, buttons, post-cards, and countless other accumulations of delightful nature, rests the faithful Tryout press with its type-cases, piles of paper, files, and other accessories ...

(1) p.289=291, Collected Essays, Vol. 1, Amateur Journalism, ed. S T Joshi.

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