Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lovecraft's Legacy: 2007

Dead Reckonings, No.1, Spring 2007

Donald R. Burleson reviews Lovecraft’s collected essays. Hippocampus has put out a marvelous set for research in 5 volumes. Even today, many fans have read few of HPL’s letters. The corpus of his letters, essays, and newspaper articles dwarf his fiction. Some estimate he may have written (or scribbled!) 70,000 missives and some of them to more that 40 pages in cramped handwriting.

S.T. Joshi has mastered this corpus and placed them thematically into Amateur Journalism, Literary Criticism, Science, Travel, and Philosophy (autobiography and miscellany).
In total, Burleson lets us know that the full Lovecraft emerges here from recluse to expansive thoughts on the materialist universe and beyond.

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