Sunday, August 02, 2009

Strange Fungus

Maybe a fungus from Yuggoth, maybe a freak agricultural phenomena, but definitely weird. F=Real life fungus science investigations show that real fungus can form super colonies of several hundred square miles. It may not be sentient, but I've personally seen fungus that is staggeringly complex and weird. More on that as the weeks ahead progress.

In any event, the video is not embeddabl, sorry.

The link is:

The video last just a minute or so.

Mysterious Circle Appears On Lawn
Indiana Couple Says Black Substance Has Strange Smell
UPDATED: 2:11 pm EDT July 31, 2009
OTISCO, Ind. -- A couple in southern Indiana has a mystery on their hands.
Adam Drury woke up Thursday and saw a perfect 12-foot circle on his lawn in Otisco.
"He showed it to me," said his wife, Jean Drury. "I said, 'It's a UFO or someone spray-painted it while we were asleep.'"
They said a black substance was left on the grass and has a strange smell to it.
They have no idea how it got there.

{This is probably a special type of lawn fungus due to both excessive rain (Chrispy is ready to build an ark, the rain! Ia!) and unusual cool weather (all time record - never had a July that didn't get past 90 for the month. At least a 140 year record).

Imagine, if this was 1920 Rhode Island rather than 2009 Indiana, and Lovecraft read about this. It would have been fodder for (a) satire of the media and 'rustics' and (b) core for a weird tale.

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