Sunday, August 02, 2009

"Lovecraft's Death" Septic Flesh (2009)

OK, take a deep breath. This isn't for everyone, but if you're into "horror bands" take a ride. Chrispy does watch for everything "Lovecraft Legacy" and for good, bad, or indifferent - this be one of them. (Lyrics below)

{Yes, I listened. I got into it.}

You'll never figure them out, so here are the lyrics:

Lyrics to Lovecraft's Death :
The cold comes
The rats in the walls break
The deadly sound of silence
As time decays
You try to name the unnamable
A whispererer in darkness

Our hound smells you
The haunter of the dark
Will come to take you to our realm
Your life, your books
March in front your closing eyes
Beyond the walls of sleep

Lovecraft in the realm of the dead

Obsessed with Necronomicon
The Arab's wicked dream
You found a path to Azathoth
And walked the Dagon's realm

Your friends were haunted too
Do you remember Charles?
Or haven't you heard
The music of Erich Zann
The call of Cthulhu we disguised
With notes and raving rhythms
To spread the seed of lurking fear
Into the heart of man

Lovecraft in the realm of the dead

Your time is out you saw too much
You used the silver key
You know too well that minds like yours
Can never rest in peace

You stared at the abyss
You'll never rest in peace

You'll never rest in peace

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MisterMooth said...

I love Septic Flesh and especially this song. Thanks for posting. Lovecraft would be proud.


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