Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ed Lee's "Trolley 1852"

I am gently holding the collector's edition of Ed Lee's Lovecraftian story: "Trolley 1852". You would either hate this with a vile venom, or adore it, depending on whether you are a purist, and whether you enjoy Lee or not.

Hoary Host of Pegana help me, I do like Lee. I suppose that says something about my dementia - that and typing nearly 2000 Lovecraft posts - but I'm half-way through, and trying not to drool on the delicately assembled pages (Bless you, Larry Roberts) and trying not to smudge Alex McVey's wondrous artwork.

More later ... Lovecraft's - um, I mean Lee's - character is watching a steamy other-worldly sex scene through a key hole.

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