Monday, August 10, 2009

1900 th Post


I'm not sure how to react to typing in 1900 posts on Lovecraft.

Other than some comments and notes I get, I do all the writing, I make all the typos, I do all the editing, I do all the blogger html stuff, and I get to do most of the research. It's been a trip!

There are times it leaves little time to write my own stories, articles, edit for Arcane Wisdom, and work with Dark Recesses, but it's all good.

When I started HPLblog, I felt possessed by the man. Now, I feel a sense of relief that I've had a chance to honor him in my own way as a reward for the pleasure of reading he's given me.

In the meantime, I've met so many wonderful friends and acqaintances I still get breathless some days. Some lurk, and that's perfectly cool. Some email, and to those folks I say, as John Denver often did, "Far Out!"

Thank YOU for reading.

Now onward to the 2000th post, and then what will happen after that?

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