Monday, March 30, 2009

Postcard Information

I recently came across a website that mentioned some HPL postcards. The information on the website seemed to be a little garbled because of mispellings, etc. The website can be found here.

I'll correct the textual issues as best I can below.

...Recently my friend who owns perhaps the best rare-bookstore in America, brought to my attention he had a few postcards he purchased back in the '70s, of H.P. Lovecraft's. He is reconized from San Francisco to New York City as the best in his rare collection of books, and other such things, and I've known him for a long, long time. ...

Postcard: H.P. Lovecraft to Clark A. Smith
(Dated April 19, 1927)

The History: The Postcard was purchased by Dennis L. Siluk, 12/8/2005, from Tom Strausky, whom purchased it in the l970s from Roy Squires. The Postcard is signed by: H.P. Lovecraft; W. Munn (Poet/Writer) and W. P. Cook (publisher/editor); ... The people mentioned in the postcard: George Sterling: Poet and friend of Jack London, novelist; H.P. Lovecraft: fantasy/horror writer; Ambrose Bierce: reporter, short story writer, poet; and also friend to C.A. Smith. Frank Belknap Long: Poet/writer for ‘Weird Tales’; Donald Wandrei: Poet/writer for ‘Weird Tales’; Alfred Galpin: writer; C.A. Smith: Novelist/short story writer/poet; also wrote for ‘Weird Tales'; all mentioned in the postcard.

Content of the letter as I perceive it, and have interpreted it: the Postcard

To: Clark Ashton Smith Box 385, Auburn, California.

“Still another conclave! Wandrei & Belknap are both in their respective heavens again, but the spirit of assemblage is yet abroad in the land. I am told that the New Braithwaite Anthology contains a very fine appreciation of your work by Sterling. I must look it up. Heard from Galpin lately, & he’s enthusiastic about your French verse. In my next I’ll enclose his list of expert linguistic emendations.”

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