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Black Wings and Other Things

Above is Mr. Joe Pulver. Along with other patrons and friends (such as Wilum and Laird) of this H. P. Lovecraft Blog, they are all featured in S. T. Joshi's edited anthology known as Black Wings. This is sure to be a Lovecrtaftian Event.

Here is the info that Mr. Pulver had. Please, if any other author has more information on this, send it my way and we'll get it out to folks.

I just had the pleasure of signing the contract for inclusion of my tale, "Engravings", in S.T. Joshi's new Lovecraftain anthology BLACK WINGS. PS Publishing will release the book this December. Fellow Haunt member and all around pal, Wilum Pugmire, will also have a new tale in the book.

CaitlĂ­n R Kiernan, Michael Shea, Laird Barron, William Browning Spencer, David J Schow, Brian Stableford, Philip Haldeman, Michael Cisco, and Norman Partridge, are some of the others talents collected in this new volume of Lovecraftian tales.

As far as Mr. Pulver, here is what the critics and reviewers say about Blood Will Have Its Season:

Joe Pulver

“BLOOD WILL HAVE ITS SEASON teeters between lyrical tranquility and unchecked brutality. Joe Pulver's style is sometimes jarring, sometimes lulling -- but deceptively so. BLOOD is a rough ride. It's not for children or old prudes." -Mark Rainey
“Each piece seethes with a sinister madness like a straitjacketed ghost forgotten in a dark and cobwebbed cell. In this innovative, hypnotic collection, Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. has proven himself to be a perversely masterful sculptor of our dreams.” – Jeffery Thomas
"Blood Will Have Its Season is a set of Hard Noir nightmares by a major new voice in the horror genre: Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. Pulver’s fantastic vignettes provide, each one, a comprehensive vision of a shunned zone of pain and blood and spiritual plague, leaving the reader relieved that such is not his waking world, but then forcing him to question whether perhaps normalcy is the dream! The author’s unique narrative voice has picked up accents here and there from Lovecraft, Ligotti, and Robert W. Chambers, as well as certain crime authors, but his roaring voice is all his own: delicate, poetic, yet explosive! Finely wrought prose-poetry that yet somehow rips up the page upon which it rests! The tales are often mad mood pieces, told from the frightening perspective of murderer and madman, devil and delver. But all are genuine stories, even when much of the action is implied. But what Pulver implies off-stage is more vivid and wrenching than most of what is seen in most author’s labored depictions. Like the Puzzle Box of the Cenobites, these tales transport us into both pain and ecstasy till we can no longer tell the difference.” - Robert M. Price
"The single underlying vision of these stories is that of the universe as nature (and supernature) red in tooth and claw, where tenderness and sentiment are the most valuable treasures because they are so impossibly rare. You will feel a surprising kinship with Pulver’s radically diverse focal characters and narrators, a motley crew of sorcerers, mob hit men, serial killers!" - Robert M. Price
"Pulver challenges his readers with amazingly bizarre and intriguing
versatility as he masterfully and engagingly explores worlds of
beautifully mournful fantastic prose, invokes hellish realms of
relentless violence, conjures wild homages to his many heroes, and
tinkers with conceptual formatting." - Stan Sargent
“Joe Pulver is a dark star is the merciless cosmos of weird fiction. His work is as brutal as it is beautiful.” - Wilum Pugmire
And from the "Foreword" to BLOOD WILL HAVE ITS SEASON by S.T. Joshi:

“This volume comprises a kind of re-introduction of Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., to the fantasy and horror community, and it shows what great results can be achieved by a sensitive writer who draws not only upon the inspiration of his literary predecessors but upon his own experiences in the hardscrabble world of our day and transmutes them by the alchemy of his imagination into something transcendently beautiful in spite—or, paraodoxically, perhaps even because—of its chilling subject matter. The prose of Joe Pulver can take its place with that of the masters of our genre—Poe, Lovecraft, Campbell, Ligotti—while his imaginative reach is something uniquely his own.”
—S. T. Joshi

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