Sunday, March 01, 2009

Interlude: 1700th post / 59,000th view

Well, we start a new month of Lovecraft endeavors.

We passed 1700 posts, and exceeded our 59,000th view.

I would never have guessed a few years back my little project would attract so much attention. Each day I wake up excited about finding something new about Mr. Lovecraft. I feared that long ago I'd have "burnout", but nope, not yet. I still think I have the stamina to go to 2,000 posts.

I try to say this as often as I can. Thank YOU for reading.

The list has grown so long, I fear if I try to thank everyone whose written to encourage me, enlighten me, tease me about my typos, share hidden secrets, and correspond about various things Lovecraftian, I'd miss many names.

This time around, I'll mention a few new things. The folks at the left side who are "followers', I'm delighted. Please patronize them by a simple click on their avatar. I recently added a mapping function. Now YOU get to see all the people I already knew were stopping by. I'm awestruck to see folks visit from Australia, Europe, Asia, South America, and many other lands that I will never get to visit (except maybe in the pages of my monthly National Geographic). Of course, it ain't foe me, but for the memory of H.P.L.

Salute, Mr. Lovecraft!

Now stay tuned and let's see what's next!

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Anonymous said...

That's absolutely awesome, Chris, congratulations. Given his propensity for letter-writing, I think HPL would be proud!


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