Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lovecraft Death Notice: Tryout, Spring 1937

Smith may not have recalled Lovecraft's middle name, or his grief and age might have played tricks. In any event, this was recently seen at auction. 6 bids and $61.00 was not a bad fee for something so rare.

Howard Prescott Lovecraft

Death loves a shining mark. I don't know who is the author of that proverb, but it never was more strongly emphasized than the praising of Howard Prescott Lovecraft.

A genius has been taken from among us. If there were ever one in amateur journalism, it was Howard Prescott Lovecraft.

Over twenty years correspondence with him, and numerous personal meetings, revealed him to me how many characteristics - his integrity, his gentlemanly deportment and his keen literary attainments. We had many things in common. Love of the open old books, historical houses and papers, and even the lowly (?) cat was a bond between us.

Here are the details: Description: "HOWARD PRESCOTT LOVECRAFT" - Death notice composed by C. W. Smith in "The Tryout - (April) 1937

C. W. Smith was one of Howard Phillips Lovecraft's earliest supporters recognizing his talent by publishing some of his first Amateur Journal writings.
Lovecraft's premature death in March of 1937 affected Smith deeply and his brief memorial "Howard Prescott Lovecraft" in this issue is poignant and moving...

"A genius has been taken from us. If there ever were ever one in amateur journalism it was Howard Prescott Lovecraft...Many of his first contributions to the amateur press appeared in "Tryout" and he continued to contribute to it until his professional work required most of his time. Still I never requested a favor of him but he willingly granted it....Of his literary work I leave to more competent pen than mine to estimate. That it was of the highest standard none will gainsay."

The full memorial is more than two pages in length and was not reprinted in the Arkham House volume "Lovecraft Remembered". This issue was folded for mailing, else in virtually as new condition with string-tie still attached.

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