Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Aaron Curry

Aaron Curry, Cobwebs and Cosmic Knots,
2009, Aaron Curry Ink, gouache on paper , 147.3 x 106.7 cm

Aaron Curry (b. 1972, San Antonio, Texas, lives in Los Angeles) in his first solo exhibition at Galerie Daniel Buchholz shows an installation featuring new sculptures, paintings and collages. The technique of collage forms the centre of Aaron Curry’s practice. He develops his pictorial language by assembling and layering found images from diverse sources such as magazines, monster fanzines, art books, and film publicity, and equally from a fund of forms whose origins, even if not directly referential, derive from American Surrealism. To do this he in part uses an extreme colour palette reminiscent of the ‘School of Chicago’ from Ivan Albright to Peter Saul and Jim Nutt.

A point of departure for Aaron Curry’s most recent work is the H.P. Lovecraft story, The Colour out of Space, which may be the source for his dividing of the objects and pictures in this exhibition into two separate fields, either extreme colour or grisaille.


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