Friday, March 24, 2006

Lovecraft Museum: Weird Tales, Aug. 1931

The August 1931 issue (Vol. 18, N. 1. had Cover Art by C.C. Senf and included these stories:

"Moon Madness" by Wallace G. West
"Creeping Fingers" by Loretta G. Burrough
"The Earth-Owners" by Edmond Hamilton
"The Whisperer In Darkness" by H.P. Lovecraft
"Tam, Son Of The Tiger" (Part 2) by Otis Adelbert Kline
"Old Roses" by Stella G. S. Perry
"The Undead" by Amelia Reynolds Long
"Prince Borgia's Mass" by August W. Derleth
"A Voyage To Sfanomoe" by Clark Ashton Smith

"The Time-traveler" by Ralph Milne Farley
"The Wolf-Leader" (Part 1) by Alexandre Dumas

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