Saturday, March 25, 2006

Broken Mirrors

In a post below, a copy of Wandrei's Broken Mirrors appears. It was unpublished until 1931 - a gap of quite a few years. On March 11, 1928, Wandrei was exhilerant to "Nekrophilos".

"I may appear in another book ... four other students at Minnesota and myself have formed an honorary literary society for men, and are publishing a book of our work to justify our existence. The volume should be out in a month {it took until 1931 for the Avon edition to publish}. The edition is limited to fifty copies - ten apiece - so I shall not have enough to go around. However, I'll send one around the circle when it appears - probably start out with Derleth or you and end up with Smith. The book is being printed on handmade paper with colored end-papers and a black-and-gold decorative binding. It has woodcuts by Henkora - the leading Twin City artist - and is to be signed by each of us and by the artist. Truly it is a sumptuous work of art! The magnificent creation is as yet untitled, but will probably come out as "The Esoteric Muse". The expense would be heavy were not the five of us to share the cost, and if the father of one of us did not own a press where we can have the type set for free."

Extract from Mysteries of Time and Space: The letters of H.P. Lovecraft and Donald Wandrei, Joshi, 2002.

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