Sunday, March 05, 2006

Alex Kreitner: The Statue in the Garden

Chrispy and his allies have eyes, ears ... and tentacles ... everywhere.

The latest Terrible-12 slushpile survior is Alex with a Mythos story. Yay!

Here is a teaser, but for the rest go to and look him up. There are also many other weird tales mixed in with cutting edge horror. It's ... all ... free!

The Statue in the Garden By Alex Kreitner

The man watched the interrogation room through the one-way glass. His name was Lucius Armitage. Luke to his friends. The room behind the glass was a small, cramped room, with sparse furnishings that looked to have been used heavily over the years. A detective who looked much the same was sitting on a table, talking to the suspect. The file in Luke’s hands explained that the man was suspected of brutally killing both his wife and her lover. Luke could hear the detective talking through the glass, and soon he realized that the detective was referring to him.

“Alright,” he said, puffing on his cigarette, “this guy in the other room is a member of something called The Wilmarth Foundation. Which gives him just enough pull to get me to make this offer to you. But that don’t mean you have to accept it. You got it?”


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