Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lovecraft Alludes to Einstein in Hypnos

"One man with Oriental eyes has said that all time and space are relative, and men have laughed. But even that man with Oriental eyes has done no more than suspect."

While we all have an image of the vintage pacifist, the WWII era, seasoned Einstein - Lovecraft engaged Einstein fresh and raw, right out of the gate. Relativity had barely been digested when HPL took it on and tried to merge it with nihilism and cosmology from his autodidact knowledge of astronomy.

I find it interesting in this passage that Lovecrfat centers on Einstein's eyes. Of course, the Orient is not China but the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empire occidental orient.

Here are some vintage 1922 snapshots of Einstein as HPL would have seen in science magazines and the New York Times.

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