Monday, January 03, 2011

An Oddity in Susan Lovecraft's Documentation

All of this data alligns, except that somehow the State of Rhode Island declared her parents French-Canadian. Certainly not true.

Rhode Island, State Census, 1905 for Sarah S Lovecraft

Name: Sarah S Lovecraft
Residence: Providence, Ward 002, E.D. 0022, Providence, Rhode Island
Age: 47
Gender: Female
Race or Color: White
Marital Status: Widowed
Birth Date: 12 Oct 1857
Birthplace: Foster Rhode Island
Father's Birthplace: Canada French
Mother's Birthplace: Canada French
Relationship to Head of Household: Self
Number of Family in the Order of Visitation: 202
Number in this Family: 2
Mother of how many children: 1
Number of these children living June 1, 1905: 1
Digital Folder Number: 4479189
Image Number: 00491
Film Number: 2111138

Another oddity is her age in the next state census.

Rhode Island State Census, 1915 for Sarah S Lovecroft

Name: Sarah S Lovecroft
Residence: Providence Ward 02, E.D. 248, Providence, Rhode Island
Age: 50
Estimated Birth Date: 1865
Place of Birth: U S
Relationship to Head of Household: Self
Gender: Female
Race: White
Place of Birth: Father: U S
Place of Birth: Mother: U S
Page Number: V
Line Number: 39
GSU Film Number: 1763988

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