Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In Search of ... J C Henneberger Part Two

Chrispy has traced two children of J C Henneberger, but before we get there, let's look at a few other early facts of Jacob Clark Henneberger's life.

Note that Henneberger was the identical age of Lovecraft (though I am unsure of JCH's birthdate).

In 1910, it turns out that as early as February 1910 he was member of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity.

In 1913, Jacob Clark Henneberger received the bachelor of philosophy degree from Lancaster Franklin and Marshall College (PA). Notes at bottom of today's blog.

As I started the blog, I found two children.

In a public document I copy information about his wife, and his daughter from 1921.

Jacob Clark Henneberger (age 31, born Greencastle, PA) was married to Alma Schneidwind (age 24, Born Chicago) when their daughter Roma June (Jane, sic) Henneberger was born 22 May 1921.

Another son is a sad and missed opportunity. Tomorrow ... an obituary.

History: Franklin and Marshall Academy was originally a preparatory department connected with Franklin College After the union of Marshall College with Franklin College this department was continued in immediate connection with Franklin and Marshall College and in 1872 was named Franklin and Marshall Academy when a new building was erected for its use and a separate faculty and management were appointed so as to make more ample provision for its efficiency and to enlarge its usefulness An additional building was recently erected at a cost of $100,000

Aim: The aim of the Academy is well expressed in the words used nearly forty years ago in the resolution of the trustees changing the preparatory department to Franklin and Marshall Academy It is to be in the best and highest sense a training school for boys who desire to go to college and also furnish a complete academical course for those who do not purpose taking a full collegiate course of study While seeking to develop right habits of study and accurate scholarship the school endeavors also to develop and mold the sound Christian character which is more important than scholastic efficiency

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