Wednesday, January 05, 2011

An Odd listing for Whipple V Phillips in 1870

Note that WVP has two "Valentines" living with him.
I am adding information of the census but not listed in text at the site.

The nearest post office is Summmit, RI. The town is Coventry.
A few pages over, the Tillinghasts are listed. Many of those aroun Phillips had children not in school, and were farmers of much less wealth by far.

Value of Real Estate was at 15,600, and 28,200 in personal wealth.

Whipple (36 y) is listed as a dealer in lumber and coal,an accurate statement
Robie (spelled Robie) (43 y) is listed as keeping home
Lillian D. (14 y) is listed as attending school
Sarah S. (12 y)is listed as attending school
Edwin E. (6 y) is listed as attending school,
................though there is a stray cross mark over this
Edward Valentine (24 y) is listed as a farmer and teamster
Charles Valentine (19 y) is listed as working in the lumberyard/mill

The Valentines are from CT.

Name: Whipple V Phillips
Estimated Birth Year: 1834
Gender: Male
Age in 1870: 36y
Color (white, black, mulatto, chinese, Indian): White
Birthplace: Rhode Island
Home in 1870: Rhode Island, United States
Household Gender Age
Whipple V Phillips M 36y
Robie Phillips F 43y
Lillie D Phillips F 14y
Sarah S Phillips F 12y
Edwin E Phillips M 6y
Annie E Phillips F 4y
Edward C Valentine M 24y
Charles C Valentine M 19y

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