Thursday, December 16, 2010

Doomsday Comes to Providence (1907)

Here are vintage images from a Keith's Theater program. Note especially that (not pictured) that part of the bill was "Doomsday", "a scenic and electrical spectacle of the end of the world in 2005".

Shades of Nyarlathotep!

No evidence whatsoever young Lovecraft saw this.


Seller's Notes:

This is a vaudeville program from Keith's theatre in Providence, Rhode Island for the week of December 16, 1907. The proprietor was Edward F. Albee, the adoptive grandfather of Edward Albee the playwright. The bill included a ''clay modeler'', ''flying ring gymnists'', singers, ''Hebrew comedians: Hawthorne and Burt, jesters, singers and a one act comedy by Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Drew. Most intriguing was Doomsday, ''a scenic and electrical spectacle of the end of the world in 2005''! The 16 page program is filled with interesting local ads from Providence and surrounding towns. Included is a riding school, a wig maker and ''Painless Davis'', a dentist in Providence. The 5 1/2 by 9 1/2 inch program has a light stain at the top and unevenly trimmed pages. It's clean except for where the former owner wrote ''fair'', ''excellent'' or other editorial comments by the acts.

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