Thursday, October 14, 2010

Winfield S Lovecraft

Perhaps we are forming a pattern? Chripy has also heard whispers that WSL was seen at Chicago hotels, too. Slowly, the old newspaper archives are opening up, and we will soon known more.

Of course, we only have Sonia's testiomony that WSL worked for Gorham, but it seems clear that he traveled and was some type of sale agent. It may be that he made "rounds" and held trade for a few weeks at a time at each location making a boarding house or hotel him residence as he made calls in the locality.

I think there is some evidence that he was connected with Frederick Lovecraft, who dabbled a bit in the "jewelry" trade. (I found Frederick connected to jewelry of some type in an ancient Jewelers Circular).

In any event, here is one more piece of the puzzle.

Detroit Free Press - Apr 19, 1884
W. S. Lovecraft of New York, D. B. Hyde of Boston, and R O Dolittle of Chicago are at the Griswold House.
The Howard House on Congress Street between Woodward Avenue and Griswold Street was opened in 1853 with JC Davis as proprietor. In 1855 he was succeeded by George Millard who remained three years or more. In 1862 MW Burchard was acting landlord, in 1863 Mrs RA Bishop, in 1864 J Haggenbach, from 1865 to 1869 AA Corkins. In 1869 GO Williams was proprietor succeeded in 1870 by Mrs GO Williams. From 1871 to 1875 it was conducted by JB Hamilton in 1875 by Hamilton & Clark in 1876 by Booth & Root in 1 877 by GP Booth and in 1 878 by LJ Clark On May 3 1880 Van Est & Graves became proprietors and the name was changed to Griswold House. In 1881 the house was enlarged on the north side and extensively refitted.

Thanks to the sharp eye of the Criticaster, we also know that WSL was in Newport on 20 July 1884.

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