Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Brown College Library (1890's)

This is the library in Lovecraft's early youth and before he was born.

From a stereoview and a postcard. The eagle-eyed seller on Ebay noted that the photographer accidentally captured his traveling, horse-drawn dark room used for developing the pictures.

While the postcard was "photoshopped" as was the custom, the stereoview was a virtual 3-D or hologram of the place. Yes, they had holograms in the 19th century ! In the postcard, the image enhancer deleted the trees in the foreground, but not the shadows cast by the tree. Also, the postcard is a bit later, as the top floor (turret) is slightly altered and may date from the 1890's. The stereo-view may be the late 1870's or 1880's.

Amazing detail. One can almost see Howard walking around with books tucked under his arm. It's a virtual time machine of the imagination.

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