Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Very Lovecraft: Live Theater

I hope someone can see this and review it. There's nothing quite as thrilling as Live Theater - support your local arts programs!

Thanks George I. !

Open Circle Theater Presents
Madness Out of Time
Running October 9 - November 14, Thu.- Sat. @ 7:30 Sun. @ 4pm
2222 2nd Ave., Suite 222Seattle, WA 98121(206) 382-4250

Show Summary (top)
Directed by
Gary Zinter

Written by
H.P. Lovecraft

Running Dates:
October 9 - November 14, Thu.- Sat. @ 7:30 Sun. @ 4pm
H.P. Lovecraft's only novella is brought to the stage in this world-premiere adaptation by area playwrights Dustin Engstrom & Ron Sandahl.

Something is desperately wrong with Charles Dexter Ward. Always a delver into the past, his search for info about an ancestor lead ultimately to madness, horror, and perhaps the extermination of all life on the earth.

A riveting night of mystery and horror by the acknowledged master of the macabre, H. P. Lovecraft.

WHAT: Madness Out of Time
The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

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