Friday, October 30, 2009

Lovecraft and Orbs ...

Whisperer in the Darkness

They are more vegetable than animal, if these terms can be applied to the sort of matter composing them, and have a somewhat fungoid structure; though the presence of a chlorophyll-like substance and a very singular nutritive system differentiate them altogether from true cormophytic fungi. Indeed, the type is composed of a form of matter totally alien to our part of space - with electrons having a wholly different vibration-rate. That is why the beings cannot be photographed on the ordinary camera films and plates of our known universe, even though our eyes can see them. With proper knowledge, however, any good chemist could make a photographic emulsion which would record their images.

I've taken plenty of "orbs" with my digital camera.

I'm a chemist.

However, I'm not quite ready to reconcile my credulous curiosity with my incredulous skepticsm. For now, I'll continue to get excited when I see them.

If you take a picture of an orb this Halloween, enjoy!

Remember fondly those who have departed on - and quaff a sugary coffee for Mr. Lovecraft, too.

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