Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rare Roy Squires Item

Interior Illos are of the items for sale.
This item Starts at $50

From the seller:

Beyond the Bibliographies, Catalog 7
1st / Only Edition, 1st / Only Printing

Roy A. Squires, Glendale, California: 1973

24 pages, illustrated


Guaranteed Vintage and Authentic

From the Personal Stash of Teny Rule (Zuber) Fisher

From the estate of Mrs. Thelma Rule comes this treasured find. A very rare book indeed. It's not on Bookfinder. It's not on Amazon, at least not any are available there. And the only photo I can find of it on the web is one I put up a month or so back when I first began researching it. Google searches tell me 3 libraries in the world hold this rare volume, but the same vehicle only lists 2 libraries – Brown University and the University of California at Santa Barbara. Nothing out there for price comparison. Opening bid is same as for two Squires volumes of Robert E. Howard poetry I just listed. As rare as it is, I believe it to be a quite reasonable opening bid.
Contents of this volume, in case there's anyone reading this who doesn't already know, appear largely to be an offering of items for sale from the collection of H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith. Items are described in great detail and provenance given. Roy A. Squires often notes in the descriptions when he has personal knowledge or a personal experience relating to an HPL or CAS item's provenance or history. Item 102 also involves Edgar Allen Poe. No date is given in the printing, but it is 1973 as determined by both research and the fact that “A Song of the Naked Lands” was available when this was printed but “The Gold and the Grey” was not yet printed. Guaranteed vintage, authentic, first and only edition.

Condition: Fairly pristine. Minor aging to cover only. Inside, including illustrations, crisp and bright. Has a couple of corner bumps. No rips, tears, or marks. Collector owned and collector worthy.

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