Saturday, June 20, 2009

Snake River 1880's: Precedent of The Colour Out of Space

Many know that The Colour Out of Space is filled with references of the eerie land and critters of Idaho as remembered by Lovecraft of his Grandfather's many stories. There may have also been pictures, but no doubt lost even in HPL's day. Interpreted through Lovecraft's wild imagination, here is how that blasted heath altered by the alien meteor and even more alien sentients may have appeared ...

Gold Dredge on the Snake River late 19th century (maybe 1880).

A 1910 Sage Field in the Snake River Valley of Idaho.

An Irrigation Facility about 1900. In the 1880's Lovecraft's Grandfathe had a company - The Owyhee Land and Irrigation Company - capitalizing on impending statehood.


This card, confirmed to have been sent in 1909 of a scene taking years earlier, but still dating a generation after Lovecraft's Grandfather's dealings there. It gives a little flavor, thouhh, of the landscape.

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