Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lovecraft and James Bond?

From Things that Don’t Go Away - The Summer Reading List by Sarah Zettel, this review: The Jennifer Morgue by Charlie Stross. Confession: I haven’t finished this one yet, but the beginning definitely made me sit up and take notice. The series itself is in a universe where James Bond meets HP Lovecraft (which you’ve got to love right there), but on the whole the writing is better and smoother than Ian Fleming or Lovecraft ever actually managed. I’d been hearing about these and picked this one up because I liked the title, and then read the opening, which was an utterly enthralling scene about deep sea drilling. If an author can pull that off, they are definitely worth a read.
I know very little else about this book, but HPL and James Bond? Not since C J Henderson's coupling of Kolchak and Cthulhu has there been something so intriguing.


Magister said...

It's a brilliant book! Don't miss the prequel The Atrocity Archives (more sort of "Len Deighton meets Lovecraft") or the sequel The Fuller Memorandum (due next year -- "Adam Hall meets Lovecraft", IIRC).

Chris Perridas said...

I didn't know that, M.

Magister said...

Well, actually The Fuller Memorandum wasn't supposed to appear until 2011, but apparently -- judging from Stross's blog -- it demanded to be written and so will appear early! (And there was much rejoicing.)

The next one after that has the working title... ummm... checking notes... The Apocalypse Codex, which will be "Peter O'Donnell meets Lovecraft". After that there will be an unknown number of volumes, and the final one MAY be titled The Nightmare Stacks.


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