Friday, June 26, 2009

Another HPL-allusion Comic

OK before we get back into pure (and some might say dry) history of HPL, let's divert briefly to comics. As a kid, I grew up in the Silver Age and recall vividly getting my first Fantastic Four magazines and reading about a new chemist-student-character named Spiderman. Now, we see HPL becoming more comic centered.

Excerpt: First off, how can you NOT love a comic called Atomic Robo and the Shadow Beyond Time? Everything you need to know about this comic is sitting right there in the title. It’s got robots, horror, and just the right about of humor. Of course, the book itself is pretty good too, which is a good thing because people generally buy a comic for more than just its title. ... In this one, we follow Atomic Robo in 1920’s New York as he has to stop a Lovecraftian monster who has taken over the body of the actual H.P. Lovecraft.

more here, click.

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