Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Diary of Capt. Samuel Tillinghast 1757-1766

The history of Charles Dexter Ward's misfortunes start their trajectory from the 1750's. 'Monday evening last, Mr. Joseph Curwen, of this Town, Merchant, was married to Miss Eliza Tillinghast, Daughter of Capt. Dutee Tillinghast, a young Lady who has real Merit, added to a beautiful Person, to grace the connubial State and perpetuate its Felicity.'

The Tillinghasts were real people from which HPL derived his fictional characters.

Author: C.F. Bamberg, Special Publication No. 3, R.I. Genealogical Society, 2000. Diary covers 1757-1766. 9.25 X 6", 481 pages including index. Book is red, lettering on front and spine, gold. No dj. Excellent condition. Author has taken what appears to be a rather boring, mundane diary of a man, Capt. Samuel Tillinghast of Warwick, R.I., and through extensive research, has made perfect sense of it.

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