Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Lovecraft's Providence: 1904

Chrispy is excited. I've uncovered a vintage 1904 map of Providence with most of HPL's haunts highlighted. Unencumbered by vuch of the 20th century, this map was created and published on or near Lovecraft's fourteenth birthday.

Here is a section. Remember, if you click the pic, it often will expand much larger in a new window. I try to overscan the image for this reason.

This shows Lovecraft's Angell Street, his "Hope Street High School" with the Hope Reservoir across the street. Dexter Asylum is prominent, as is the business district, the Providence River, and Brown University.

I've been doing a lot of time travel lately. Go ahead, try it.

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Michelle said...

Dexter Asylum???


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